Corey assembled this band and was also the manager and lead vocalist of this band from 2008 till 2010 . The footage shown is from 2008

 Corey often worked full time at a day job and then performed
 at night through out the week and weekend in  the bands
 he assembled and others! It was a lot of work.

 Sometimes his day would start at 6 am and end at 3 am when
he got home from his nightly gig.
He believes this extended effort gave him the foundation for
 putting in more hard work as an Artist.


Corey’s new Bruno Mars act is also available for performances. Check out the new promo video! 

Practicing drum solos for Bruno Mars impersonations.

Here is a sample recording of Corey singing the hit, Uptown Funk!⇓


Corey has a passion for becoming an Actor. Here he decided to add his style to one of the most iconic scenes in film history.

This is a sample of an original piece by Corey entitled “BLISS”

Waikiki promo performance with Corey in 2 MJ looks!

After taking classes for acting and auditioning for numerous calls without success, Corey was finally awarded with this role in a commercial that is being aired for 2018 in Hawaii.

He has worked as a background policeman, extra, and stand in actor on Hawaii 5-0. He stood in for and played the actor Chosen Jacobs who plays Captain Lou Grover’s son. Chosen Jacobs plays Mike Hanlon in the film adaptation of the Steven King novel entitled “IT”, which played in movie theaters in 2017.

Prince tribute preview!

Corey has been hired to perform as Prince, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and Elvis Presley. He is currently working on a  ton of more projects and a few more acts that will be sure to surprise and entertain!